The Bridge

Our Bridge programme (for ages 3-7) was developed to help bridge the gap from one-to-one therapy settings to a group setting and to help get children accustomed to social interactions. Our hope is that after attending the Bridge, they will assimilate into a school setting more easily.

What can the Bridge do for your child?

  • Small groups ensuring enough individual attention per child.
  • Facilitation is available if required.
  • Carefully planned theme based lessons designed to grow and develop your child.
  • Lesson plans that corresponds with CAPS outcomes.
  • We work at a pace that is adjustable to ensure that each learner gets the full impact of the work presented.
  • Integrated sensory activities to promote balanced development.
  • Social activities to teach your child how to handle different social situations; especially those commonly found in group settings.
  • The Bridge times are from 08:00-12:00 Mondays – Friday including school holidays.

How to enroll at the Bridge?

The first thing that needs to be done is a screening to assess your child and identify the areas that need attention. Contact us to schedule a screenings for your child. There is a cost involved for the screening and screenings are by appointment only.


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