The Bridge

Our Bridge programme was developed to help bridge the gap from one-to-one therapy settings to a group setting. Our Bridge classes have a strong focus on speech development, sensory integration and social skills. Our Bridge groups allow for a maximum size of 6 children, with one lead therapist-educator and one teacher’s assistant.

What can the Bridge do for your child?

    • Small group integration (6:2 / 3:1 ratio), ensuring ample individual attention per child.
    • Integrated sensory activities to promote balanced development.
    • Social activities to teach your child how to handle different social situations.
    • Educators have extensive experience working with neurodiverse children including ADD/ADHD, Anxiety, PDA, Autism, Dyspraxia, and other neurodiversities and developmental delays.
    • Stimulation through engaging methods using: hands-on activities, real-life applications, experiential learning, play-based learning, technology, the Wilbarger protocol, Brain gym, HANDLE, Scent therapy, Makaton, Oral/Speech Exercises, Reflex Integration, Sensory Integration, Teach Me Language, Visual Schedules, Emotional Regulation, Social Stories, Visual Aids, Movement/Brain Breaks, DIR Floortime, Relationship Development Intervention, Affirmations, and more.
    • School hours are from 08:30 – 13:30 Mondays – Fridays
    • Drop off from as early as 07:30
    • Aftercare available till 16:30
    • In house one-to-one therapy available
    • Drumming available
    • Ball Skills available

How to enrol at the Bridge?

If you wish to enrol your child in our Bridge group, please contact us via:


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