At Evolve, we provide a nurturing environment that caters to the individual needs of each child. We have created a supportive atmosphere that enables neurodiverse children to thrive holistically.

Our classes are specifically designed to accommodate children who may not optimally thrive in mainstream educational settings where the classes are larger, the teaching more standardised, with less flexibility to adapt to your child’s specific learning style and learning needs. We create an environment that celebrates diversity and meets the needs of children with varying strengths and learning styles. Our trained staff understand neurodiversity and developmental delays and how to support it.

What is Neurodiversity

NEURODIVERSITY is a concept that recognises the natural variations in brain function that exist among people. It encompasses the idea that neurological differences are part of human diversity. Embracing neurodiversity involves promoting acceptance, understanding, and support for individuals with diverse neurological characteristics, fostering inclusive environments that accommodate different ways of thinking and processing information.

Examples of neurodiversity include but are not limited to: individuals with ADHD, dyslexia, sensory processing disorder (condition), dysgraphia, autism, dyscalculia, anxiety, dyspraxia and other conditions.

What is a Developmental Delay? 

A DEVELOPMENTAL DELAY is when your child does not reach their developmental milestones at the expected times. It is an ongoing major or minor delay in the process of development. If your child is temporarily lagging behind, it can not be called a developmental delay.

Are you unsure if your child might have a developmental delay? You can use the following developmental charts on KidSense to give you a better idea. 

Upon inquiry to Evolve we can also do a screening of your child in order to assess any developmental delays.

The Bridge

Our Bridge programme was developed to help bridge the gap from one-to-one therapy settings to a group setting and to help get children accustomed to social interactions. Our Bridge classes have a strong focus on speech development, sensory integration and social skills. Our Bridge groups allow for a maximum size of 6 children, with one lead therapist-educator and one teacher’s assistant.

We employ a wide range of techniques to ensure children’s holistic development. Each day, we incorporate various techniques like the Wilbarger protocol (DPPT), Brain Gym, HANDLE, oral exercises for speech, Makaton, visual schedules, scent therapy, visual aids, reflex integration, AACs/choice boards, music, gestalt language processing approaches, and Teach Me Language for language development, to name a few.

We strongly endorse a play-based learning approach. This philosophy draws inspiration from acclaimed methodologies like DIR Floortime, Pivotal Response Training, and Relationship Development Intervention.

ESC – Every Step Counts

Our ESC programme is our academic branch, Gr.R (Kindergarten) – Gr.7. It specialises in assisting children who struggle to fit in to mainstream classes due to various reasons, including diverse learning styles, large classrooms, bullying, neurodiverse barriers, and developmental delays.

We follow homeschool curricula such as CambriLearn British Curriculum, CambriLearn CAPS and Impaq. This is presented in a class with a maximum size of 6, with one lead therapist teacher and one teacher’s assistant. More specifically the work is presented in a specialised, adapted manner, catering to different learning styles, sensory regulation needs, which support neurodiverse thinking and approaches. The teachers are qualified, dedicated and focused on one-on-one education with a 3:1 ration, making time for all the students. They also work on a ‘child based’ pace, focusing on problem areas and spending more time on these areas to ensure a proper foundation is established. ESC is a CambriLearn affiliate parter and a registered IMPAQ tutor centre.

ASDAN Towards Independence 

Our ASDAN Towards independence programme helps high school aged students and young adults, as they prefer to be called, to work towards their independence, gauging their practical interests and vocational skills. We are a registered ASDAN centre, offering a wide variety of programmes of which Towards Independence, Key Steps and different vocational skills are just a few. This group loves to garden, build wooden structures, cook and bake, go shopping, work on conversational skills, learn about history, explore the arts, care for animals, learn self care and more! Their interests guide them. To learn more about ASDAN, you can be read further here: https://www.asdan.org.uk/about

Nurture and Thrive

Our Nurture and Thrive programme is our one-to-one therapy branch. Here we work one-to-one focusing on your child’s specific needs, whether it may be emotional challenges, remedial support, speech, social skills, sensory processing, or nutrition support. The expertise of the directors and their excellent team sustains the development and progress of this programme.


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