Nurture and Thrive

A developmental delay is when your child does not meet certain developmental milestones at the expected times. Developmental delays should not be confused with developmental disabilities; as developmental delays can be remedied by early intervention and a carefully developed programme that identifies and addresses the delay.

Children develop skills in 5 main areas of development:

  • Cognitive (thinking) skills: this is the ability to think, analyze, learn and problem solve.
  • Social and emotional skills: this is the ability to interact with other people as well as relate to them.
  • Speech and language skills: this is the ability to use and understand language.
  • Fine and gross motor skills: this is the ability to use small and large muscles in the body.
  • Activities and daily living (life skills): this is the ability to handle everyday tasks.

What can Nurture and Thrive do for your child?

  • Nurture and Thrive will appoint well qualified therapists to ensure your child receives the best developmental therapy possible.
  • Nurture and Thrive does a thorough observation gathering information to determine your child’s special strengths, problem areas or areas of concern as well as figuring out what other threats there could be withholding your child from progressing.
  • Nurture and Thrive values your input when the next step is to compile an IEDP (Individual Education Developmental Programme). It focuses on integrating numerous intervention approaches that address the relevant challenges of your child, and tailor their use to optimize the therapy efficiency.
  • Therapy and hours spent on therapy is completely adaptable to the childs’ needs; and can be discussed after the initial screening session.
  • Nurture and Thrive will then appoint a team and work relentlessly at achieving the goals set out on the IEDP.
  • Nurture and Thrive will review the IEDP weekly and update when and if necessary.
  • Nurture and Thrive will assess your child again and progress can be celebrated.
  • ASDAN accredited certificates

How to enroll at Nurture and Thrive?

The first thing that needs to be done is a screening to assess your child and identify the areas that need attention. Contact us to schedule a screenings for your child. There is a cost involved for the screening and screenings are by appointment only.


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