Autism Spectrum Disorder is a lifelong pervasive developmental disability, which appears to have a genetic predisposition and stems from a multi-faceted origin, causing disturbances in brain development and functioning whereby those touched display differences in the following areas:

  • Communication and language
  • Socialization and interaction
  • Interest, Fascination and Behaviour
  • Sensory and Learning

BUT Autism Spectrum Disorder is treatable.

What can ASAP do for your child?

  • ASAP will appoint a highly qualified Programme Manager to oversee your child’s therapy throughout his/her stay.
  • ASAP will assess your child’s abilities with “autism friendly” assessment tools.
  • ASAP does a thorough observation gathering information to determine your child’s special strengths, problem areas or areas of concern as well as figuring out what other threats there could be withholding your child from progress.
  • ASAP will have an in-depth meeting with you; discussing the results of the assessments as well as the observations.
  • ASAP values your input when the next step is to compile an IEDP (Individual Education Developmental Programme). It focuses on integrating numerous intervention approaches that address the relevant challenges of your child, and tailor their use to optimize the therapy efficiency.
  • ASAP will then appoint a team and work diligently at achieving the goals set out on the IEDP.
  • ASAP will review the IEDP weekly and update when and if necessary.
  • ASAP will assess your child again and progress can be celebrated.

Does my child qualify?

  • We prefer a child to be here for at least 6 weeks (preferably longer – 6 or 8 weeks) as most of the significant improvement is seen around Week #3/4. Any therapy time after this helps consolidate the progress already attained.
  • Therapy is done for 5 days/week. 7.5 hours on weekdays (Mon to Fri) plus reports and planning. Even the very young ones seem to be able to keep up as the programme is varied and entertaining. Initially your child will be quite tired, but very soon will eagerly demand you getting up in the mornings to come to the center.
  • Daily reports are kept and you will either receive your child’s reports daily via email. You are expected to go through the reports and add any comments you wish to make or enquire if something is not completely clear.
  • Cardinal to the programme is parent participation with ASAP support, knowledge, understanding, insight and experience. This is often difficult for the parents and ASAP education will be done in a very sensitive manner.
  • Help and advice is given regarding possible diets, biomedical and appropriate intervention, as well as behaviour modification.
  • Therapy is done by 2 (or more) trained therapists. This ensures the same content but with individual style variation in approach. This further optimizes the results.

How to enroll at ASAP?

The first thing that needs to be done is a screening to assess your child and identify the areas that need attention. Contact us to schedule a screenings for your child. There is a cost involved for the screening and screenings are by appointment only.


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